Saturday November 28th 2015



Spinn Spreading that City Country!

It came to my attention this past week that I haven’t given much attention to country music!

I was surprised at myself, Johnny, Waylon, Willie…I’m cool with all of them.

So in this week’s edition of unsigned artist coverage, we’re shedding some light on Spinn!

Stephanie and Cheryl Lynn Spinner along with Megan Battaglia backed by Steve DeSteno and Eddie Rossman make up the band. They’re out of New Jersey reppin’ that city country! I can relate, I think I’ve got some City Country in myself.

Their new EP, City Country, released this past May 1st. The EP was a collaboration with Monmouth’s University student-run record label, Blue Hawk Records at Lakehouse Studio.

Check out their single, from the new EP, “City Country,” and let us know what you think!

For more info on the band, visit their site,

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One Response to “Spinn Spreading that City Country!”

  1. Berry says:

    Angel voices and some mean-ass devil guitar this is a hit!!!!!

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