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Top 10 Bob Dylan Love Songs

Top 10 Bob Dylan Love Songs

The folk icon continues to tour and hit road, make new music and so on. He’s got quite a history however, much longer than his stage name and even his given name.

But we’re here to countdown the top 10 Bob Dylan Love Songs:

Number 10

Coming in at number 10 is “Song to Woody” off of his 1962 debut self titled album. It’s not a long song in the traditional sense. It’s about Woody Guthrie, the ‘Bob Dylan’ before there was a Bob Dylan. Dylan loved Guthrie and looked up to him. You can hear the love in his voice and the acoustics that bounce off the strings of the guitar.

Number 9

Squeezing into the top 10 at number nine is “Where Are You Tonight” off of his Street Legal album.

This song is about the imperfect romance that just seems so perfect for you. It’s about that one lady who gets you like no one else does. You just can’t help but fall back into her arms no matter how many problems you come across.

Number 8

“Shelter From The Storm” off of Blood on The Tracks pops up at number eight. The song is one of my personal favorites, though I love the live recorded version more. Nevertheless, This is one love song about a girl who will take you for who you are, even at your lowest.

Number 7

Another powerful love song is “Sara,” off of Dylan’s Desire LP.

He makes a mention about “whenever we travel, we’re never apart.” You can’t help and think about his romance with Joan Baez.

This a love song about memories and being in love with those memories, not having any regrets about the history and romance that was shared. It’s a rare case that you’d not want to erase memories of a lost love, but this was definitely the case here.

Number 6

Rounding out the latter half of Bob Dylan’s top 10 love songs is “I Don’t Believe You” from Another Side of Bob Dylan.

You won’t find better song writing anywhere else.

In what sounds like a love song, is more about the rough side of live, being used.

Dylan talks about getting intimate the night before and the next day everything apparently has changed. Don’t you just hate that?

For the rest of the top 10 Bob Dylan love songs, click here.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I would have assumed ‘Sara’ was about his wife/mother to 4 of his children Sara. I love ‘To Make You Feel My Love’

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