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Live Concert Review: Local H at Mercury Lounge

Live Concert Review: Local H at Mercury LoungeYou know what makes Scott Lucas cool? He’ll do a show at a small venue, won’t charge you a lot of money to see him and he’ll give you a better show than most of the ‘mainstream’ acts out today.

Last night’s show at Mercury Lounge summed that up.

Not only did Scott Lucas and Local H tear up the New York City streets last night, but also he even opened for himself, playing an acoustic set.

The acoustic set was a mix bag of Local H songs, as well as some Scott Lucas and the Married Men songs.

The bridge between the acoustic side of Lucas and the hell-raising side of Local H was a band called the Apple Brothers.

The Apple Brothers weren’t bad but you could tell the fans were dying with anticipation for Local H to get on stage.

It was evident when Lucas and his drummer Brian St. Clair emerged to give the fans what they wanted.

The great thing about last night was the fans were just as loud as Local H; mosh pits even broke out during songs like “Eddie Vedder” and “Paddy Considine,” a new one off of the upcoming Local H album.

During the show, Lucas seemed pissed about the delay of releasing the new album. It was supposed to come out during the summer but now might not be out until the fall, which he said during the show.

The set was, I would guess, about an hour and half.

Lucas, the king of covers, I say that because he’s one of the few that can actually can do them justice and even better than the originals sometimes, covered The National to start the show, doing “terrible love.” He ended the show with gut-busting “back in the day.”

By the end of the night, tiresome fans had to be walked out, the floors were soaked in beer, some were kicked out but it was all worth it.

Once again, Scott Lucas and Local H have given the fans more than they asked for. Amazing show.

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  1. Ian Kinzel says:

    “Scott Lucas and Local H” – aka Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair?

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