Friday November 27th 2015



Hulu to Add Four Original TV Shows

Hulu to Add Four Original TV ShowsHulu is going to add four new TV shows in the next 12 months according to a report by Gizmodo.

One of the shows that may be a hit is The Awesomes, slated to start next year. According to the report it’s going to be about “an unassuming superhero and his cohorts going up against villains…the paparazzi.” The reason I say it might actually do ok is because Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers is going to star in the show.

Another new one will be We Got Next. It’ll start this year and will star Kenya Barris, Hale Rothstein and Danny Leiner. The plot is about “four unlikely friends butting heads on the pick-up basketball court and on the sidelines of everyday life.” Sounds like we’ve heard this before, minus the basketball court thing. I’ll pass.

Adrian Grenier is going to star in Don’t Quit Your Daydream, a show to be based on his documentary. Though it might be good, I can’t stand the guy and probably won’t be watching this show. It’s going to be about a “cast of famous musicians traveling across America in search of could-have-been musical artists to collaborate on a new song giving them a second-chance at stardom.

The other new show will be Flow.

I’ll be interested to see the Seth Meyers show but not the others.

photo: shankbone

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