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How to Get More Out of Your Netflix Account

How to Get More Out of Your Netflix AccountWe’re all trying to save a buck these days and going to the theater only seems to get more expensive, which is probably why a lot of us have a Netflix account.

I’m here to help you try to get more use out of your Netflix.

Tip #1: Here’s how you get the movie you want, no matter how new it is! Have a short queue! That’s how Netflix determines which user gets a new release. I know you want organize your movies in your queue but save them in a word document or an excel workbook. That’s how you’ll get the movie you want!

Tip #2: Want to treat someone to their own personal queue but don’t want to give up the extra cash? If you’ve got an account of two DVDs or more, you can create different queues for each. It won’t cost you any more money and you’ll make someone close to you happy, not a bad idea for the upcoming holiday season.

Tip #3: Some may know about the previously mentioned tips, but here’s a good one. LIKE the Netflix Facebook page. I mean the entire world is on Facebook anyway! This way, you’ll get first-hand info on what Netflix is adding to its streaming movies. You no longer have to wait until you just stumble across something you want to see that’s streaming.

Follow these tips and you’ll love your Netflix account more then ever!

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