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Green Arrow Show Darts to CW Network

Green Arrow Show Darts to CW NetworkI’ve noticed new billboards around New York City featuring a topless man with some scars on his chest and a big word, “Arrow,” spread across it. Living with a roommate who loves comics, I know a little bit about comics myself, not by choice. I had a suspicion the billboard was about the superhero, Green Arrow.

I was right.

The superhero’s origin dates back to 1941 but he’s getting a fresh new start on the CW network. It’s titled “Arrow.”

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, the guy who turns into Green Arrow. Queen develops his superhero skills from being shipwrecked on an island. During his five years on the island, he learns archery and survival skills. Somehow he makes his return to Starling City and searches for answers to a mystery his dying father left him.

DC Entertainment Vice President of Marketing, John Cunningham, commented on Green Arrow getting on TV.

“‘Arrow’ is one of the most highly-anticipated new shows premiering this fall and when you combine that with enthusiasm from comic book fans who now get to see one of their favorite super heroes on TV — there’s a lot of excitement comic book retailers can tap into.”

The show will air at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays on the CW TV network.

So we’ve got a Green Arrow show now and might have a Wonder Woman show as well.


photo: istolethetv

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