Wednesday November 25th 2015



Family of Clint Eastwood Getting Own Reality TV Show

Family of Clint Eastwood Getting Own Reality TV ShowLooks like the family of Dirty Harry is getting its own reality TV show on E! beginning on May 20th.

The show is going to be called Mrs. Eastwood & Company and is going to have a 10-episode run.

According to the report Eastwood will have a few guest spots but nothing more. Dina Eastwood (Clint’s wife), the daughters and Clint’s daughter from another women are going to be featured.

Mrs. Eastwood was quoted in the Time report saying that there will be no “slapping or fighting.” I guess that means it’s going to be really boring and only run one season?

My brothers and I could make a better reality show than this bull crap.

photo: soldiersmediacenter

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