Wednesday November 25th 2015



Bar Review: Doc Holiday’s

Bar Review: Doc Holiday’sIf you’re in the mood for a shit-kicking good time then you should head on over to Doc Holiday’s, located on Avenue A and 9th Street.

A beat down appearance may lead you astray but if you stay, you’re surely in for a good time.

Doc Holiday’s offers a variety of beer selection and has a boatload of whiskey to help you wear off the workday.

With a pool table in the back and the country tunes blasted loud, it’s hard not enjoy yourself.

Bar Review: Doc Holiday’s

The bar, with its trademark tiny, blurry TV in one corner and new HD TV in the other, Doc Holiday’s is full of dudes and an equal amount of ladies surprisingly. So if you’re just looking to shoot the shit with the bar maids, or try and pick up a cowgirl, Doc Holiday’s will surely accommodate you.

There is no food at the establishment but it’s got tons of deals on booze. I personally recommend a 24 oz. Labatt Blue for $6.

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