Tuesday December 1st 2015



An Open Letter to The New York Knicks

An Open Letter to The New York Knicks

Dear New York Knicks,

Stop leading me on.

You’ve got the talent now let’s do something with it.

It’s like a bad relationship that I just can’t get away from. Your either going to play the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat in the first round, I’m not expecting a series win, all I’m asking is to just win at least ONE GAME.

I’m tired of watching you guys get swept every time you make it to the playoffs.

Your my team, you represent my city but I don’t know how much more I can take.

One win might change everything too! Who knows you might start to believe that you can actually make it to the second round and that’s when Jeremy Lin is likely to return. Momentum may start to building and you guys may start playing your best ball at the right time.

Hey, the last time the NBA suffered a short season from a strike you guys went to the championship. This may be your forte.

If you don’t win one game, your retarded cousin the New Jersey Nets are coming to Brooklyn. I may have to start hanging around with them.

I’m just saying…give me one game and I’ll be satisfied. I’ll even settle for someone dunking on King James.

One game.

Yours truly,

Long time Knick fan, Aldo Singer.

photo: nikk_la

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