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Album Review: Unemployed by The Employees

Album Review: Unemployed by The EmployeesThe band name got me to open the email, the message behind the music got me to listen, the album left me desiring something else vocally.

Or at least so I thought.

The first go around on any album is like an awkward first date. You just need to have one more to see if its a good fit.

And it was.

The key to listening to The Employees is turning the volume up!

Their a psychedelic rock/jam band out of Chicago. There are loads of guitar solos that just make your spine tingle. It left me no doubt that they could put one hell of a show on live.

The four-piece band led by Chris Bobowiec on the vocals, covers the depression of the economy, corruption in politics/big business, environmental disasters, unemployment, the death of the American dream.

Some how they manage to cover all that in only 10 tracks, that’s a talented band I say.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Winter Round Here,” “Panic” is another good one. It’s got a nice melody and will definitely have you singing along to it if you’ve got a few beers in you.

They may be new on the music work’s force, but they definitely deserved to be hired (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

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