Thursday November 26th 2015



Album Review: Mak (Self-titled)

A subdued Radiohead is probably the best to describe the Montreal band, Mak.

They are the latest in a slew talented bands coming out of the Canadian city.

Their debut album is only nine tracks long but it speaks volumes as to how far the band can go.

A lot bands that create a hallucinogenic experience often can’t deliver live, but that’s not the case with Mak. That’s pretty evident with the first track off the album, “If She’s Got a Habit.”

Some of my favorite tracks on the album include the aforementioned “If She’s Got a Habit,” “Stab Me” and “TV.”

There is something unique about frontman, Jesse MacCormack, and his ability to deliver many different messages without having the usual tone that coincides with it.

You can tell these guys are serious about their music because not one of their tracks on the debut album is your typical ‘hit.’

They’re a classy rock and roll band that stimulates the mind and won’t even come close to boring the hell at of you. They’ve got themselves a fan in me and judging by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Karkwa, Plants and Animals) mastering the album, they’ve got some talented people in the industry behind them too.

photo: Frederique Berube

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