Sunday November 29th 2015



WWE’s Trish Stratus to Star in ‘Bail Enforcers’

The movie world is set to experience yet another film where wrestlers, past or present, throw down some wrestling moves.

Currently in production is, Bail Enforcers, starring WWE’s Trish Stratus.

bail enforcers movie posterWritten by, Reese Eveneshen, and directed by, Patrick McBrearty. Stratus plays Jules, one of three bounty hunters who are forced to make a decision on one of their bounties that puts their character to the test. It asks the question, what would law enforcers do when they’re asked to break the law?

Not affiliated with WWE films, Stratus pulls out a stratusfaction or two, even during her second gig as a waitress in a strip club.

The trailer is loaded with action, a Tony Soprano look-alike with jokes mixed in between it all.

No release date is set but I’m assuming it’s going straight to DVD.

Wrestlers need to refrain from doing wrestling moves in their films but then again maybe they realize they won’t be winning an Oscar any time soon and are just having fun with their films.

All digressing aside, the movie looks entertaining and I will definitely be watching this grade-a Netflix-worthy material.

Photo: Wrestling News Arena

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