Tuesday December 1st 2015



The 411 on Film Annex & Their Social Media Contest ‘War of Films’

Film AnnexI’ve recently come across a new take on film contests, one that rests solely on social media.

Film Annex launched a monthly contest called the War of Films a little over a year ago; they give out $2,000 to a winner each month that had highest number of votes within that month.  The votes come from total number of tweets, Facebook Likes and now the new Google +1.

People who do win can still participate again as long as they’ve got a new film to promote.

Film Annex currently has 220,000 users, that’s a lot of films!

Bottom line is the chances of winning lie entirely on you and how much effort you put into spreading the word through social media.

Having entered a film contest myself where you’ve got no clue who is reading your stuff and what your chances of winning actually are, War of Films is a breath of fresh air.

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2 Responses to “The 411 on Film Annex & Their Social Media Contest ‘War of Films’”

  1. Eren Gulfidan says:

    Film Annex also features a filmmaker, a movie, and a web channel on its homepage every week. If you want to get more exposure as a filmmaker or showcase your film to millions of viewers, submit your film to filmannex.com and join the community!

  2. Thomas says:

    Film Annex is an incredible tool for film makers to showcase their work and get a revenue as well. Fantastic concept!

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