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Movie Review: Terri, Starring John C. Reilly

Terri Movie ReviewTerri plays to its main character, a teenager named Terri, a confusing kid struggling with the gripes of teenage years. The film and Terri are both lifeless.

On top of being yet just another weird teenager in high school he lives with and takes care of his Uncle James (played by Creed Bratton, yes that Creed from The Office).  Terri’s been dealt an odd hand and turns to amusement in odd places, like getting addicted to setting traps and killing mice, going as far as even setting the traps in the woods.

Terri’s oddness is easily noticed by his school and the Assistant Principal, Mr. Fitzgerald (played by John C. Reilly).

Mr. Fitzgerald and Terri develop a bond out being too odd balls at life.

The film is billed as a comedy, of the dark comedy variety, it’s apparent at some of the darkest moments. You’ve got the priest at the funeral just strolling back inside after taking care of the proceedings of a funeral, the rudeness of Chad (a friend of Terri’s) telling Terri to get focused or else he won’t score with his new female friend.

Everything comes to ahead on a night when Chad, Terri and the object of Terri’s desire, Heather (played by Olivia Crocicchia), hang out, drink and pop pills.

You got what was going on, that was for sure but it was all delivered so lifelessly.

Jacob Wysocki (who played Terri) was pretty lifeless, even during times when he finally ‘lived.’

My main interest to watch the film was John C. Reilly and he did his part, carried the film as much as he could.

Sadly this film isn’t worth your time or your money.

Another film about teenage angst and the struggle of accepting who you are has been done too much, almost as much as comic book films.

A kudos to Chad however, played by Bridger Zadina.  He delivered a certain psychotic intensity that you felt in your bones.

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