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Movie Review: A Mind Beside Itself

A Mind Beside Itself Movie PosterA Mind Beside Itself is a psychological drama that blends dreams and surroundings to create a personal existence of utopia.

It’s a short film directed by P.J. Starks and stars Eric Sax as Tristan Ashling and Lori Sikes-Rosas as Maya . ‘Beside Itself’ was written by Starks and Rodney Newton.

It’s a film about the love between Maya and Tristan. All they want to do is be together regardless of conditions. Their relationship moves quickly, from dating and even moving in together, doing all this while Tristan is on medication suffering from some unknown mental condition. Tristan makes it his life’s work to love Maya, which leads to some bickering between the two. The story takes an unexpected twist that brings story together as a whole, things aren’t what they appear. By the end of the movie the message is about love, together or apart, it’s something you can’t ignore.

The movie’s writing is pretty good and the story was laid out perfectly. The problem was the acting. It was a first go around for Sax and Sikes-Rosas, they struggled to create a palpable chemistry. Sax delivered an unconvincing performance.

The film is saved by the writing and directing. You can tell something is up, there are little signs dropped throughout the film, blank picture frames, Maya wearing medical scrubs during an argument. The subtle hints were perfect, letting you know something is wrong with Tristan, not even Maya knows, it also was able to carry Sax’s acting enough to make the film watchable.

It’s a perfect example of a great film unable to exist without a balance between great acting, great writing, and great directing.

Should you watch the film? If only for Starks’ creativity.

A Mind Beside Itself movie trailer:

Run Time: 18:57

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