Sunday November 29th 2015



Kimbo Slice Headed to Wrestlemania

Kimbo SliceRumors are starting to swirl that World Wrestling Entertainment is looking to get Kimbo Slice (real name, Kevin Ferguson) on their Wrestlemania 27 card in place of Brock Lesnar.

Slice, who was released from the UFC, is all ready scheduled to wrestle in Japan on February 5th for the IGF promotion (run by Antonio Inoki, who ‘fought’ Muhammad Ali) against a former sumo wrestler.

A lot is riding on how Slice performs in the match, but even if he doesn’t live up to the hype like he didn’t in UFC, Slice could easily be a ‘fan’ at ringside for the show and eventually get involved much like Mickey Rourke did at Wrestlemania 25.

Source: Examiner

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