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Four Things to do at Citi Field

Four Things to do at Citi FieldI recently made a visit to Mets’ Citi Field for the first time since its construction. I took in a Mets/Pirates game (where they had their biggest comeback victory in 11 seasons) and decided to give myself a tour of the stadium.

I found a few fun things to do during my journey.

Here are four things to do at Citi Field.

Blue Smoke:
While everyone should be aware of their location in downtown New York, they’ve got a place in Citi Field too. It’s a tasty BBQ joint and costs relatively the same as the Subway, which is only a few feet from the Blue Smoke area. We know food at games is expensive so why not try something tasty, right? I do recommend getting some Blue Smoke treats like their pulled pork sandwich early. The food tends to sit around so it will be warm by the end of the game.

McFadden’s: Whoever thought of connecting a bar to a stadium is a genius. This McFadden’s has a big space with lots to drink. It’s the perfect thing to do when the game ends and you’re waiting for the crowds to disperse. So get a little tipsy and enjoy an emptier train ride home.

Walk Around: Sounds dumb, but why not take a beer and burn some calories. Believe it or not you can get yourself a $5 upper deck ticket from StubHub and just get as low as you possibly can. The fan friendly Citi Field offers several viewpoints that will allow you to just stand and hang out and no one will bother you. Who wants to sit for four hours anyway?

Shake Shack: I don’t need to write that much here. Everyone’s had a Nathan’s hot dog but how many people can say they’ve had a Shake Shack hot dog at baseball game.

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