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Album Review: Nothing Will Be The Same (EP) by Tonight, The City Skyline

Tonight, The City SkylineOnce Nothing Will Be The Same starts with the ambient, Nine Inch Nails-esque “While You Were Sleeping, We Fell Apart” instrumental, you get the feeling that something is different about this band, like they’re a little messed up in the head in the best way musically possible.

Tonight, The City Skyline (yes, that’s their band name) is a duo of Martin Moore and Brian Farvour based out of Wisconsin, they do a little more than bring the acoustic rock, which is what one might expect from Midwest boys.

They’re an indie-pop rock band, helmed by Moore on the mic and Farvour on the drums, that leans towards the emo side of things without hitting any screamo thankfully.

It’s a seven-track EP the blends a lot of drums and piano to create a great sound without being perceived as trying too hard. For a two-man band they bring a full, compact sound that will leave you stuffed come closing time.

My favorite track on the record is “This is The End (For You).” The pounding drums with the on-point vocals convey an emotion that these guys are for real.

Moore breaks into a verse repeating “this is the end” quite a bit, and I could be wrong but I think he’s talking about a lot of the bad emo music in the industry. Tonight, The City Skyline could put that too rest.

The smartest thing the band does is stay away from mixing in the screamo, it’s not as bad as nails on the chalkboard but it’s a close second.

It’ll be interesting to see where the two-man band (which have had success, White Stripes, Local H, Swell Season,) goes from here.

They’re hitting all the right notes, if they increase their lyrical game they would bring themselves one step closer to bringing their show all over the country.

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  1. Matthew Henning says:

    Good review! I’ve enjoyed these guys for sometime now although my favorite song is “Mantra For A Dark Lit December.”

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