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Album Review: Myself in Two by Jen Hirsh

Jen HirshJen Hirsh is releasing her debut album, Myself in Two, on March 1st and before all this came to fruition she appeared on the 2009 season of American Idol.

No she didn’t win, and no she’s no Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson or any other American Idol performer for that matter, she’s got a style and voice all of her own.

It’s all come to ahead with her debut album that boasts a well-crafted sound with help from musicians such as Patrick Warren and Bob Clearmountain, who combined have worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

Hirsh’s debut album is a 10-song LP that caters to a hopeless romantic or just a romance on its last leg.  It’s a emotional roller-coaster ride that features some pretty amazing tracks in “You Know Me Too Well,” “Room So Big,” and “I Won’t Hold My Breath.”

“I Won’t Hold My Breath” is a duet with Kyle Patrick, who delivers an amazing chemistry with Hirsh. It’s pretty much Blue Valentine wrapped up in a four-minute song. It deals with the tough side of love, yet the unconditional kind but still fear that your significant other won’t be changing any time soon.

“You Know Me Too Well,” is another song that will hit home anyone that’s well felt anything for someone close to their heart. In the song she says “I wouldn’t have gone through this for anyone else,” how often have we felt that way?

The album leans towards the pop variety but it’s definitely not short on heart and soul synonymous with lacking in the genre.

She’s all ready performed with legends such as Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock and Gloria Estefan. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here…

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