Friday November 27th 2015



Album Review: Great American Gingerbread by Rasputina

Great American Gingerbread RasputinaThough Great American Gingerbread is the eighth record from Rasputina, it’s the perfect intro record to the band.

It’s a two-disc package, disc one being a CD of rarities and songs you’ve probably haven’t heard, and disc two is a DVD of a show they did at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

Disc one is 14 tracks that spans demos and covers from the band. It offers compelling tracks such as “Go to Sleep,” (my favorite on the record) and two great versions of “Black Hole Hunter.”

You think a band with a name like Rasputina, driven by cellos would be an acquired taste but they really aren’t. I took to them really quickly much like any music fan would. They blend classical music with punk rock to create an interesting sound. The group shows their true oddness on track 12, “Mysterious Man-Monkey.” It’s a reading of a BBC news story with backing sound effect track added. Whatever you may think, they’re more rock than a lot of these rock bands out now.

The DVD is the perfect item to get to know the band members a little more personally. Though the members have changed the rock is lead singer and cellist, Melora Creager. She writes all the lyrics as well as does all the artwork for the albums. She handles the mic between songs on the DVD and answers questions about where the members are from, who they played with before and more.

Creager expresses a love for stuffed pigs and boars and if you have the same affinity, chances are Rasputina is right up your alley.

The DVD is near 40 minutes.

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