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Album Review: 4×4 by The 4onthefloor

Album Review: 4×4 by The 4onthefloor
I’m a little late to The 4onthefloor’s train but I’m glad I got on for a ride.

The 4onthefloor’s debut record, 4×4, is one of the best rock and roll records of 2011, by far.

The 16-track LP has loads of hits and is led by the bearded, lumberjack-looking frontman, Gabriel Douglas.

Coming out of Minnesota the guys blends blues, country and southern rock to create one hard-hitting sound.

They’re the new Black Keys, before the Keys became mainstream.

Where do I start when it comes to the record?

You’ve got “Lionhearted,” an up-tempo track that makes you want to drink, party and have a shit-kicking good time.

Did I mention every single one of the guys has a kick drum?

Who ever came up with that idea deserves a beer!

Only two tracks after “Lionhearted” is “Junkie.” Yeah, the track is about what you’re exactly thinking, someone under the influence and constantly with the urge to feed an addiction. Somehow the vocals of Douglas seep into your bones and you feel his screams, the pounding drums and heavy riffs.

You think the band would be done by the time you reach the end of the album but then you get to “Cashillac.” It’s simple, not too many notes on the guitar, just a thumping kick drum and Douglas ripping the mic apart. It would make Johnny Cash proud.

The band gets country on “For Pa/For Ma.”

The entire record is non-stop fun.

It’s a shame this band is currently unsigned; we need more bands like this, less gimmicks and more music.

The 4onthefloor have something the whole world needs to hear. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys live and more music from them.

Other great tracks are “You Don’t Forget Lost” and“Bricklayer.”

Here is a video of the band performing “Cashillac”:

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