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The Day Terry Glaze Left Pantera…

Phil AnselmoWhile Pantera was still doing the club circuit in Texas, they still had trouble making it and the glam rock just wasn’t getting any play in the music industry any longer. Pantera knew they had to get harder and their lead singer at the time, Terry Glaze, didn’t not want to go in that direction, he left the band.

It wasn’t long before Pantera met Phil Anselmo, the rest as they say, is history. Anselmo, born in 1968 in New Orleans, Louisiana, clicked with Pantera right away. They soared not too later after that.

Their unofficial debut, Cowboys From Hell, was a big hit with the fans.

Anselmo and Pantera were the unofficial leaders of the metal world. From then, Anselmo became an ultimate front-man. The fans loved him and he was metal all the way through, tattoos on the head, pain in his voice, and anger in his motions.

Anselmo would soon need more to satisfy his creative appetite outside of Pantera. He started a side project in Down and even another band in Superjoint Ritual.

Though Superjoint Ritual is a little more on the hardcore side, Anselmo has commandeered the metal world. He stayed true to his core and still delivers to this day.

I’ve seen Down twice in concert myself, the shows just keep on getting better.

While New Orleans musicians like Harry Connick Jr., The Neville Brothers and Louie Armstrong get all the praise as some of the greats from New Orleans, it’s Anselmo that deserves to be mentioned among these names. Not only has he saved metal, he’s taken it to the next level.

If anyone can compare to the pain and struggle that the city of New Orleans has gone through, it’s Phil Anselmo. The man was legally dead for a couple of minutes.

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