Tuesday December 1st 2015



New York Mets 2010 Season Preview

Citi FieldLast year the New York Mets were riddled by injuries and couldn’t help but face a lost season. Unless the team gets struck by the injury bug once again, the Mets are going to have to prove themselves once again.

Unfortunately the same questions remain that stem from their massive let down in the 2008 season, where they blew their first-place lead and eventually missed the playoffs on the last day of the season. Is their pitching going to hold up? How many innings can John Maine go? Does Johan Santana have to do it all?

The Mets have talent, no question, and they are a completely different team when Jose Reyes is in the lineup. If Reyes hangs around this season, I can see the offense picking it up again. Carlos Beltran needs to return to his all-star status. The additions of Gary Matthews Jr., and Jason Bay will give their batting line-up more depth and that will allow them to experiment with Dale Murphy more in the infield.

Their offense should be fine this year. The pitching is a different story. The Mets lack a 4th and 5th starter and their long relievers in the bullpen aren’t proven. There is no point in having K-Rod if the relievers can’t hold on to a lead.

Prediction time…unless the Mets pick up a 4th or 5th starter, or even a long reliever, I don’t see the Mets making the playoffs this year.

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