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John Lennon Movies

Nowhere BoyWhether he was just a ‘jealous guy,’ or just trying to ‘give peace a chance,’ one thing is for sure, the late John Lennon needs to be a part of everyone’s life.

With today’s release of “Nowhere Boy,” a film centered on the youth of John Lennon before he became a symbol for peace, we were thinking you’d be hungry for more Lennon cinema.

Here are three Lennon movies that will strike a chord with you.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon: This documentary movie, released in 2006, directed by David Leaf and John Scheinfeld, takes you inside the social activist side of Lennon. You’ll see some haunting footage of Lennon talking about being scared for his life because he felt like he was being watched. The film alludes to the U.S. Government trying to silence Lennon and his efforts to speak out against the Vietnam War, even deporting him back to England.  It’s a powerful film that shouldn’t be missed. Run time: 99 minutes.

Gimme Some Truth: The Making of John Lennon’s Imagine Album: The Imagine album delivered such hits as “Jealous Guy” and of course, “Imagine,” which has been covered by David Bowie, Diana Ross, Queen and many more. Go behind the scenes of how the album came to fruition, catching footage of Lennon, Yoko Ono and more. The documentary was released in 2000. Run time: 60 minutes.

A Hard Day’s Night: Released in 1964, this film was made to capitalize on the Beatlemania that flooded all the flats and the streets in the world. It’s a musical comedy that tries to give a little picture inside the world of the Beatles, like them trying to make it to the show on time. No, it’s not a documentary but they are pretty much playing themselves and insert some gags throughout the picture. Run time: 90 minutes.

Here is the movie trailer for “Nowhere Boy.”

Photo Credit:Jon Curnow

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2 Responses to “John Lennon Movies”

  1. Paul Rahme says:

    I really lived Nowhere Boy. Such a realistic insight. Truly valuable.

    I wish I could remember the recent film title about the other end of John’s life

    That was also so incredible an insight into WHY he changed his life with Yoko (as I have just done!)

  2. Greg says:

    Paul, I’m guessing you are referring to “Lennon Naked”. It was a movie made for British TV. I agree. It’s an excellent look into why he walked away from the band.

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