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Cop Out Movie Review

Anyone going to see “Cop Out” shouldn’t be expecting to view an awesome action movie or much less, an awesome comedy film. Brace for cheap laughs and tributes to classic movies like “Training Day” and “Scarface.”

Bruce Willis’ character, Jimmy, is a cop partnered with Tracy Morgan (Paul).

While Morgan makes attempt to act in certain scenes, he does deliver and laughter is inevitable. Morgan’s character is not much different than his “30 Rock” Character, just with a little more intensity added. Willis’ character resembles his John McClane, just not getting it and won’t retire.

The plot is a little weak, conflict ensues when Willis has to pay for his daughter’s wedding and turns to a trusty baseball card he’s been stashing away. This is where Sean William Scott comes in.

His character loves to do parkour, which is pretty funny to watch. Morgan and he deliver a great chemistry.

“Cop Out” is worthy of one viewing but not much more after that. It’s certainly Netflix worthy. Only attend a movie theater for this if you’re a big fan of Willis or Morgan.

Honorable mentions: Guillermo Diaz of “Half Baked” (the scarface character) fame is one of the main characters and definitely makes you laugh. Rashida Jones (of “The Office”) plays Debbie, Tracy Morgan’s wife in the move.

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