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Bar Review: Bounce: Restaurant & Sports Lounge

Bounce: Restaurant & Sports LoungeIMM has made its way to the Upper East Side with its latest bar review of Bounce: Sports Lounge & Restaurant. We’re also tapping into our first sports bar as well.

Drum roll please…

Ambience: The feel of Bounce is a little confusing. It’s got big screens, serves a ton of food and it’s really bright, which exudes a club feel. You can sit at the bar or take a table, they’ve also got booths in the back of the bar. For some reason there is a high-chair required table between the bar and the tables along the wall. It takes away from the place. The place would fare better without the catastrophe in the middle of its venue. The music is really loud too, it’s hard to talk to the people your with and even to the wait staff as well, which can potentially mess up your order.

Drinks: Surprisingly enough for an UES local, the drinks at Bounce are affordable. They’ve got a 2-for-1 happy hour that ends at seven. All the beer ranges from $5 to $7, with Guinness being the only $7 beer. They get you with all the other drinks. They serve bottles of wine (you can get by the glass too) that cost $32. One glass of sangria costs $10, a pitcher costs $30. They even have martinis.

Entertainment: Bounce is definitely a good spot to check out for a sporting event like a UFC fight. They’ve got several TV’s, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. However, if you don’t like sports, you might have a hard time enjoying yourself at Bounce. It’s a dream for sports fans, beats a dive bar with a tiny TV any day of the week.

Another bright spot for the bar is its food. They offer a long menu from Buffalo Burgers to Grilled Hanger Steak. I recommend trying out the wings.

Final Verdict:

A night out at Bounce is suitable for chilling with the guys or catching the upcoming boxing or UFC match. However the place would be 10 times better if they could figure out their own identity. It’s a club-feel with dive bar clientele. It doesn’t work. What the hell is a sports lounge?


1403 2nd Avenue, on the corner of 73rd Street.

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