Tuesday July 29th 2014

Unsigned Artists

The Aubrey Taylor Experiment Talks Manziel, LeBron & More The Aubrey Taylor Experiment »

Last week we covered the dope song, "Johnny Cleveland," and we were fortunate enough to get in touch with [...]

Spinn Spreading that City Country! Spinn Spreading that City »

It came to my attention this past week that I haven’t given much attention to country music! I was [...]

“Evil People” by Mic Nice “Evil People” by »

He's Florida-based now, but Mic Nice was born where Hip-hop originated, The Big Apple. You can hear it [...]


Concert Review: Mother Feather at »

Concert Review: Mother Feather at Mercury Lounge – July 25th

"I need your full attention..." Mother Feather singer Ann Courtney announced, and she got it Friday night at the Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side: [Read More]

Mainstream Shit

#TBT Volume One – July 24, 1990 #TBT Volume One »

In honor of the #TBT hashtag, we're going to start recapping awesome moments in music [...]

Metallica Shows Off Their Humorous Side in Latest ESPN Ad Metallica Shows Off »

Not going to lie, it was very nice to see the legendary, [...]

New Music and Video From Redman New Music and Video »

Redman took to Twitter Saturday to post his new song, "Nigga Whut." What do you think [...]